A journey through history

Musée gallo-romain Claracq-Lalonquette
The brief

A 4th century villa, reconstructed to stand the test of time. Meticulous research was carried out to portray the daily life of inhabitants of the villa at that time.

Work on archives

Archive plan and aerial photography of the excavation site from 1972.
©Musée gallo-romain / IRAA-CNRS (Pau)

Leveraging the expertise of the museum's team, we reconstructed the buildings as they were in the 4th century, adding details from historical references identified on other villas.

Layout of the mosaics on the site of Claracq-Lalonquette.
©Musée gallo-romain / IRAA-CNRS (Pau)  

Kippik Illustrations reinterpreting different mosaic patterns.

Layout of the mosaics in the film
©Musée gallo-romain / IRAA-CNRS (Pau)  

Top: Iconography of 4th century objects
Bottom: Modelling, texturing and shading of 3D assets

Work on life stage

Every detail of each scene is historically documented, from the breed of sheep in this region at that time, to the length of their wool based on the season, the type of trees, the light, the soot of the walls, the pavement of each room, the type of vegetables grown... Thorough research enabled us to stay as close to reality as possible.

A journey through history

Musée gallo-romain Claracq-Lalonquette
Musée Gallo-romain Claracq-Lalonquette
direction & executive production
Studio Kippik