Clover & friends

Too faced
The brief

Clover, the mascot of the brand Too Faced, travels through one of the brand's make-up palette, meeting his friends along the way. The film celebrates the launch of a campaign promoting animal welfare.

Work on storytelling

As he's jumping on the different colours of the makeup palette, Clover finds himself propelled into a magical world, in which he meets an animal that he must save.

Work on colors

One world. One animal. One colour.
Clover meets a new animal in every world he travels through, with each a world characterized by a distinct colour theme. Balloons used to write Clover's name all have colour matching hues, giving each scene its own magical glow.

Work on characters

We created 3D versions of the animal designs used on the makeup palette. Throughout the film, we strived to highlight Too Faced's youthful and playful visual identity.

We worked again with Too faced to produce a film on a different range of beauty products.

Clover & friends

Too faced
Too faced
HK Corp
direction & executive production
Studio Kippik