The brief

Midnight rings. A fairy uses a colourful and magical glitter, turning products into a new pink limited edition.

Work on storytelling

A pink sky, scattered with stars, delicate clockwork floating in the air. The minute hand moves toward midnight. In a flow of sparkles, a fairy suddenly arises from the minute hand, walking elegantly on the clockwork, her magic wand in hand. She reaches the centre of the clock, fluttering her wings. Just like a conductor, she moves her wand in the air, animating trails of sparkles.

The fairy was animated in 2D before being integrated to the 3D universe

Work on MATTE-paint

We move through different settings, a sparkly sky, a sea of clouds, a sandy beach, finishing on a beautiful pink rainbow highlighting their product range.

Work on beauty


Shiseido Clé de peau Beauté
direction & executive production
Studio Kippik
Traditional animation